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Repair Services

Pallet Box Hire provide a repair service for damaged Pallet Boxes. Plastic weld repairs can be done in accordance to test conditions for moulded and extrusion plastics BS EN ISO 527-2:1993.

High Density Polyethylene welding is used, which provides excellent impact strength and low distortion, even at low temperatures.

Our engineers can repair all types of damage to Pallet Boxes and repairs can be performed on-site or on our premises.



Benefits of our services

Cost Benefits

Pallet Boxes are a cost effective addition to any packaging flow. The Pallet Boxes are strong and light, suited for any heavy duty handling and shipping.

Pallet Boxes adhere to an important fundamental principle of material handling, which is the concept of unit loads. A unit load is a number of items arranged and restrained as one unit to be moved or handled at one time, reducing time and energy in transportation and reducing product damage.

Pallet Box Hire provides a rental service for Pallet Boxes to eliminate the amount of capital tied up in packaging but still allowing your company to take advantage of the use of Pallet Boxes in your supply chain.

Storage Benefits

The Dolav Pallet Box is a carriage and storage unit, suitable for a wide range of industrial uses.

The Pallet Box has been designed to enable optimised space usage in trucks, containers and warehouses, by using standard pallet dimensions.

Pallet Boxes offer a huge advantage over traditional wooden pallets. Pallet Boxes are manufactured using a quality-controlled moulding process which guarantees consistent dimensional accuracy and load ratings. Wooden pallets are assembled using a number of inconsistent parts of varying strength, Pallet Boxes are moulded under extreme pressure, in a highly polished accurate mould, producing a high quality and durable product.

Pallet boxes do not suffer from structural weakening, loosening of nails or changing of shape. There are no nails, sharp edges or splinters in Pallet Boxes, allowing for safer handling and reducing damage to products.

Regardless of the operating or storage conditions, Pallet Boxes will not absorb moisture, and are resistant to weak acids and alkalis. They are resistant to mould and are easily cleaned and can be repeatedly steam cleaned or washed, avoiding any product presentation issues in production or in delivery.

Environmental Benefits

Pallet Boxes are an excellent alternative to disposable packaging, such as cardboard boxes.

Due to the strength and durability of Pallet Boxes, they can be constantly reused, adding a substantial saving to worldwide energy consumption and reducing pollution.

Pallet Boxes are made from food-contact approved polypropylene which is not only easily cleaned and maintained but is also a highly recyclable plastic and environmentally friendly.