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Frequently Asked Questions

We need a certain number of pallet boxes for use, internally, in our business, do you provide this service?

Yes, we can hire any number of pallet boxes to your business for any period of time. Contact us for more information on costs.

Can I rent pallet boxes in custom colours?

Main stock is green but we can provide custom colours pallet boxes for long term hire.

What advantage is there in hiring pallet boxes from you? Is it not better to purchase the pallet boxes outright?

If you are planning on using the pallet boxes internally and can justify the capital expenditure, then it may be better to purchase the pallet boxes outright.

However, purchasing a quantity of pallet boxes can be a significant outlay of capital for packaging. By hiring pallet boxes from us, you avoid the capital expenditure and we ensure you have fully-functioning pallet boxes at all times.

Hiring pallet boxes is especially beneficial when you are shipping products in the pallet boxes- your business can avoid losing pallet boxes or damage to pallet boxes, by utilising our reverse logistics service.
We have years of experience in logistics and can organise for the retrieval of pallet boxes from within Ireland and Europe.

We manage our pallet boxes by avoiding potential problems with our User Agreement, which is signed by all parties involved in the use of our Pallet Boxes. This stipulates that any party using our pallet boxes, having either sent or received them, will not lose, abuse or misuse our pallet boxes and that they are returned to us/picked up by us, or pay for a replacement.

Can I buy used/secondhand Pallet Boxes from you?

No, we only hire our pallet boxes.

Do you operate throughout Ireland and abroad?

We operate throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

Can you arrange for the collection of pallet boxes from overseas locations?

Yes we can, please contact us for more specific information on the places where we can retrieve pallet boxes from.

What is the typical produce shipped in pallet boxes?

Pallet boxes are used regularly in the food sector, they are excellent packaging solution for fresh produce such as meat, fish and dairy products.

What is ISO 22000?

ISO 22000 is a universal standard that governs safety in the food industry. It includes a set of standards and operational procedures related to how pallet boxes are handled, stored and washed. We work to the ISO 22000 standard.

Do you operate a lease purchase scheme for your pallet boxes?

No, but we do offer short, medium and long-term rental options.

What environmental benefits does returnable packaging have?

In a recently commissioned report, to measure the PPS carbon footprint for returnable packaging compared with single-use packaging, it was found that there was an improvement in carbon footprint of 52% for poultry crates and an 89% improvement using plastic boxes. A full copy of this report is available on request, contact us for more information.

Do you publish a full price list for your hire service?

As there are so many permutations with regard to the number of pallet boxes being hired, the length of time they are being hired for, and any additional services being provided, that we offer costs based on the needs of the client, which always varies from client to client. Contact us for more information and for an accurate costing.

What is RTP?

RTP is Returnable Transit Packaging (often referred to as RTE- Returnable Transit Equipment), which is any form of packaging that gets returned to the supplier once emptied of produce. Dolav Pallet Boxes are ideal RTP as they can withstand constant reuse with minimal or no damage.

One Way Movement Service

We provide an agreed number of pallet boxes to a client, who packs their produce and transports it to it’s destination. We liaise with both the client and the third party and arrange the collection of the empty pallet boxes. We return the empty pallet boxes to our depot, clean and repair, if necessary, while supplying our client with replacement pallet boxes for use straight-away.