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About Us

About Pallet Box Hire

Pallet Box Hire is a Family Run, Irish Company, set up to provide a hire service for Pallet Boxes to the Irish market.

We hire Pallet Boxes to companies on a weekly or monthly basis and we also provide complementary services, such as Pallet Box cleaning, repair and a range of logistical services.


  • We provide Pallet Boxes for Hire on a Short and Long Term Basis
  • We provide One Way Movement Service across Ireland, UK, and Northern Europe
  • We provide a Repair and Cleaning Service

Why choose us

There are numerous advantages to hiring Pallet Boxes, more information can be found on our Hire Service page and our Frequently Asked Questions provide answers to some of the more common queries.

If you would like to avail of our services, please get in contact with us today. Our knowledgeable staff can help you get the most from the cost-effective and efficient system Pallet Box system.

Cost Effective

We provide a rental service for Pallet Boxes to eliminate the amount of capital tied up in packaging.

Storage Benefits

Our Pallet Boxes optimise space usage in trucks, containers and warehouses. Pallet Boxes don’t absorb moisture and are resistant to weak acids, alkalis and mould.

Material Handling

Our boxes adhere to important principles of material handling thus reducing time and energy in transportation. 


Space saving

The Pallet Box has been designed to enable optimised space usage in trucks, containers and warehouses, by using standard pallet dimensions.

Environmentally Friendly

Our Pallet Boxes are made from food-contact approved polypropylene which is not only easily cleaned and maintained, but is also a highly recyclable plastic and environmentally friendly


Pallet Boxes, can be  reused, adding a substantial saving to worldwide energy consumption and reducing pollution.